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Facts About Southern University


Southern College of Nursing and Allied Health was named Nursing School of the Year in 2012 by the Louisiana State Nurses Association and the Louisiana Nurses Foundation Twice in the past four years.

  The College of Nursing and Allied Health is among the top 10 producers of African American nurses in the nation.
•  Graduates of the College of Engineering and Computer Science play significant, creative, and administrative roles at companies such as IBM, ExxonMobil, Entergy, Caterpillar Corp, Raytheon, Dow Chemical, Chevron, and others.
•  The college of Engineering and Computer Science is among the top 10 producers of the African American students who receive undergraduate degrees in engineering.
•  Graduates of our College of Business are working at most of the top 40 corporations in the world.
•  SU scientists have conducted research that has become useful applications in the study of space exploration, food preservation, environmental preservation, and high speed information networking.
•  Ten Southern graduates have earned the rank of General in the U.S. Army.
•  Southern University experienced a 40 percent increase in its freshman class in the Fall of 2013.


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Mission Statement:

Southern University alumni, supporters & friends focusing on the uplift, growth, development & well being of Southern University and A&M College, using the "irecruit4SU" campaign slogan to recruit, enroll and mentor students in furthering the mission of providing higher educational opportunities to high school, college transfer, adult (age 25 and over) and graduate students. We have each committed to recruit and enroll at least 1 new student by the Fall 2015 term, adding 3000 new students to the current enrollment. JOIN US! and Post your Pledge on our Page today! Go Jags!






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How to Donate

Support your alma mater by making charitable monetary donations, or purchasing traditional school t-shirts that feature our beautiful mascot and colors.

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About Us:

With more than 100 student-athletes signed to the NFL and two world-record-setting Olympic athletes, Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has much to be proud of. Legends of Southern University is an booster club for the advancement of our historically black college. Our sole purpose is to ensure that 3,000 high school students enroll as freshmen Jaguars. With your help and through an aggressive marketing campaign toward high school students aged 16 to 21, we expect to exceed our goal as a nonprofit operation.

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